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Saturday, Dec 31 — Booster Draft — p. Saturday, Jan 21 — Booster Draft — p. Saturday, Jan 28 — Mini-Masters — p. Looking to play some more laid back, fun formats. Want to play multi-player. Testing out your decks. Join us for one of our several casual magic days.

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On Sale Now. There are 24 seats guaranteed for each scheduled tournament.

Tickets are on sale starting Friday, Jan Preregister if you want a guaranteed spot. We will sell additional entries before each tournament starts if there are seats available. Frontier is a non-rotating format including every set from Magic onward. Like Modern format, but newer and more accessible.

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For more info visit whatsinfrontier. On-demand tournament queues between a and p final tournament must fire by p — see below. Take a pack of Aether Revolt. Shuffle in three of each basic land. If you win a round, you get a pack to add to your deck. Play three rounds.

Keep the cards at the end. More info on building Commander decks can be found online. Modern is a constructed format including sets from Mirrodin and onward. Because this format has a huge number of cards to choose from, Modern decks can be very powerful. The Conspiracy sets were designed specifically for drafting. Cards in Conspiracy instruct you to take special actions as you draft and have other draft-specific features and rules.

On-demand tournament queues between p and p final tournament must fire by p — see below. Players choose one pack to buy as part of their entry. The other two packs will be randomly drawn from a bag of packs spanning every set we have in stock excluding Modern Masters 2. Build a deck from a semi-random brick of cards and play a three-round tournament.

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Tournament entry fees do not count. Must be purchased at the register in the game room. Other events in the game room will proceed as normal, under our every day, general game room guidelines. Our intent is to provide the common time and space for women who have asked about how to find other female members of the community. In the event of a special, large event that occupies the game room for the day it will be on the store calendar and anyone on our staff will be happy to help you reserve space on another night if you wish.

Thursday Night HeroClix start at 6pm each week. The Pokemon league welcomes all players, all skill levels and is reallly a ton of fun to participate in!

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So much so that many of the parents of our players have gotten involved. Everyone is welcome! Winter is plodding along and I am doing pretty good on my resolution to read more comics. I hope you made that resolution too, and are living up to it. Time to go read more comics. Wednesday nights begin at 6 pm. Games are 5th Edition.

All you need is a pencil and dice. Expect a Flow of Randomness!

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As your local comic book and game retailer of choice, we hope you know how much we appreciate your support. Please feel free to contact us at anytime! Let us know what you need! A really nice selection of Dice will be available! Expect a full range of dice to be available the next time you stop in! Hope you can check it out next time your in! Just About Anything You Want! So with the holidays rapidly approaching, we invite you to keep us in mind for all of your gaming needs! Colonial Fire-base…. Colonial Recon.

Close up! Colonial scout carrier.

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The Dictator has Tanks! The Rebels have Tanks too, and they are on the Attack!

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Rebel Mech INfantry. Storming the Village. Jigsaw is back, draped as the Anti-Punisher and surrounding himself with his own Punisher family, shooting down criminals and civilians with alarming frequency, pinning everything on poor Frank. Jigsaw is a pleasure to read, with the distinctive voice and mannerisms Fraction has coloured his speech with. I mean… Do you really need more reason to pick this up? The combined Avengers teams encounter a ship full of lost 70s and 80s heroes in the Savage Land. But then this is why this is the issue that won me over to this SI buzz. Bendis picks the perfect candidate to seed doubt into my non-believer mind, with Mockingbird, an old favourite character I would LOVE to see returned.

The battle flies hard and fast, I do wish we got to see more of it elsewhere. There were some quick highlights, but so many other wasted opportunities.

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Did Cage not notice his wife up there? Wonder-man versus the Beast? He's been at this for sometime. Plus: Zombie Wolvie and Spidey vs H. This might not turn out to be a mess after all. Are we already playing that lame plot card?