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Shall We fashion them out of extra clay? ADONAI: I prefer simplicity: One Law will be uttered which will unfold into unfathomable complexity… and eventually, self-perception in certain complex organisms.

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You were the one who insisted on matter being both particles and waves, remember? Wait: If a Universe unfolds and no one is there to perceive it, does it still exist? One of these was a human being known to many as Aleister Crowley. MIND: I have conquered a hundred slopes, beaten a thousand chess competitors, written endless words of poetry and prose… but lo! What could possibly rend this knot of suffering in my heart? I am Adonai, Lord of the Universe! Humans tend to ascribe authority and truth to whatever overpowers them.

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MIND: A voice! Is this a demon that speaks to me? MIND: What is your word and your number? MIND: Are you a discarnate intelligence? MIND: Alright — what is this message you speak of? You are no more than a temporary concatenation of forces, weaved together to produce perception.

MIND: Why is my mind mired in multiplicity?

Has man fallen? Are we as sinful and sorry as the Sunday school preacher says we are? In short, Eternity is in love with the productions of Time for thereby can the Unmanifest be made Manifest. Infinity can only be apprehended through Finity. Only through duality can the ecstasy of annihilation be experienced. It is not my fault if someone unrightfully claims to be King and suffers the inevitable consequences of taking on duties beyond his capacity: the ego was meant to be a messenger and interpreter, certainly not the General giving orders.

MIND: Yet there are some who will never overstep their own bounds… and always think themselves their own ego. MIND: So all of this suffering is one big punchline to you? You are nothing but a black and terrible god. MIND: I see now that beauty is nothing without the ugly, depth nothing without height. Yet what is my complement?

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The single fact is Experience and the single question is One or Two? The latter is ignorance and clinging to the personality, which forms, changes, and dies away; the former is awareness: Awake! Every symbol selects and arranges, but this Vision is of No Difference. Choose not, argue not, debate not, speak not, think not, create not.

There is no difference between object and object; there is no difference between subject and object. MIND: My pen is ready for writing: bestow upon me divine truths! The scribe drops his pen. The prophet relents in his thinking. Aleister Crowley is destroyed and only Adonai and the Magister remain. The Arcane Substance is already hidden inside the First Matter, after all.

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What shall We do now that we have, again, come to Ourselves? ADONAI: We are the animals, every single one of them… although unaware of the possibility of ecstasy through union of opposites. Intense feelings of stagnation, impotence, solitude, fatigue, and difficulty. It was a mixture of rock and punk, and the kids ate it up.

Oslo's Magister Templi is continuing in the footsteps of such bands. Their debut full-length Lucifer Leviathan Logos captures a bit of the magic of a golden age of heavy metal. The members of Magister Templi definitely have a special place in their collective heart for the NWOBHM bands, as well as bands who came directly after the second British movement; early doom bands in particular.

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Lucifer Leviathan Logos has epic, galloping guitar runs reminiscent of Mercyful Fate, early Trouble, and Pentagram see 'Lucifer' and 'Master of the Temple' , grand guitar harmonies 'Logos' and throughout , solid acoustic passages 'VITRIOL' , and theatrical read: over-the-top vocals throughout best when not trying to nail higher pitches; the attempts to do so come off clumsy and extremely forced.

With time the vocals might be on-par with the superb instrumentation. Occultism is a running theme, as it was with a few of the more doom-laden bands of the early '80s.


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Bands such as Angel Witch and King Diamond embraced these ideas with much success. Magister Templi uses these same themes and succeed in not sounding overly campy, however, the vocals do detract a bit. All in all, Lucfer Leviathan Logos is a successful record. Musically, it is spot-on.