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Perhaps the most intriguing entries are connected with the classical, unsolved circle and divisor problems. While some of the content is taken directly from published papers, most chapters contain new material and some previously published proofs have been improved. Many entries are just begging for further study and will undoubtedly be inspiring research for decades to come.

The next installment in this series is eagerly awaited. This is the first step It should act as an inspiration to future generations of mathematicians to tackle a job that will never be complete. Galois Theory.

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    The Riemann Zeta-Function. Aleksandar Ivic. Number Theory and Its Applications. Fuhuo Li. Functional Analysis. Howard J.

    Ramanujan's Lost Notebook: Part IV (Hardcover)

    A Course on Group Theory. John S. Analytic Number Theory for Undergraduates. Heng Huat Chan. Analytic Number Theory. Paul T Bateman. Uniform Distribution of Sequences. Elementary Analysis. Kenneth A. Galois' Theory of Algebraic Equations. Jean-Pierre Tignol.

    Handbook of Algebra. Juliette Kennedy. The Theory of Hardy's Z-Function. Handbook of Measure Theory. Counterexamples in Probability. Jordan M.

    Partially Ordered Algebraic Systems. Laszlo Fuchs. Manfred Stoll. More Calculus of a Single Variable. Peter R.


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    Totally Nonnegative Matrices. Shaun M. The Mathematical Legacy of Srinivasa Ramanujan. Ram Murty. Finite Markov Processes and Their Applications. Marius Iosifescu. Number Theory: Arithmetic in Shangri-La. Shigeru Kanemitsu. Nikolaos Galatos. Group Theory. Diophantine Approximations. Ivan Niven.

    Topics in Quaternion Linear Algebra. Leiba Rodman. Martingales in Banach Spaces. Gilles Pisier. These include mock theta functions, theta functions, partial theta function expansions, false theta functions, identities connected with the Rogers-Fine identity, several results in the theory of partitions, Eisenstein series, modular equations, the Rogers-Ramanujan continued fraction, other q-continued fractions, asymptotic expansions of q-series and q-continued fractions, integrals of theta functions, integrals of q-products, and incomplete elliptic integrals.

    Other continued fractions, other integrals, infinite series identities, Dirichlet series, approximations, arithmetic functions, numerical calculations, diophantine equations, and elementary mathematics are some of the further topics examined by Ramanujan in his lost notebook.

    Srinivasa Ramanujan , George E. Andrews , Bruce C.